LoveRAT Gift Collection

LoveRAT Gift Collection

  • €30.00

This gift collection includes a Love Bomb, Love Nest, and a dinner for two. The theme of this gift collection is to make love not war.

Unexploded landmines can injure or kill innocent people long after wars have ended. APOPO and the HeroRATs clear hidden mines in affected regions and save thousands of lives. This gift collection will buy the explosives used to safely detonate and destroy an unexploded landmine; we call this a Love Bomb.

HeroRAT breeding couples are carefully selected to ensure compatibility. Bananas, their favourite treat, provide our heroes with energy and strength for all their activities. This gift will support our breeding program, kindling the romance between sweethearts enjoying a basket of bananas in a setting of candlelight and soft music.

Once the happy couple have met and fell in love they need somewhere to live and so the final part of this gift collection is a cozy love nest for the new family. Each Love Nest is a clean and comfortable clay pot with wood shavings and a water dispenser. The peaceful and quiet environment provides privacy to the carefully selected breeding pair.

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