About Us

APOPO is an award-winning non-profit that trains scent detection animals to save lives. APOPO trains Gambian Pouched Rats, nicknamed HeroRATs, that use their extraordinary sense of smell to safely and quickly sniff out deadly problems like landmines and tuberculosis (TB). We also train HeroDOGs to speed up landmine and cluster munition clearance - releasing land to communities and giving people back their lives. APOPO's HeroRATs and HeroDOGs have helped detect more than 100,000 landmines and evaluated 300,000 TB samples helping to save thousands of lives in Africa and Asia. 

You can make a direct contribution to APOPO’s life-saving work and look good at the same time with our new range of merchandise. For more information on APOPO and the HeroRATs and HeroDOGs, please visit www.apopo.org.